Last Laugh?

So funny – and absurdly true!!

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Tomorrow Britain votes on whether to leave or remain in the EU. The campaign hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs and – whatever the outcome – our battle scars will last for some time.

Here’s a wonderful spoof of the What have the Romans ever done for us? sketch in the Monty Python film Life of Brian to lighten the mood a little and remind everyone of one thing we Brits do supremely quite well – ironic humour!

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11 thoughts on “Last Laugh?

  1. Well nothing to do with that boring Vote tomorrow and all the crap we have had to listen to for weeks on end. WE WON, the Irish Team I am talking about, bet you saw it, last five minutes so exciting, you could not make it up. Lost my voice, from shouting and screaming. Just to let you know “it was a Catholic conspiracy that they won”. Pass this onto Andrew for me please Opher.

    Don’t forget tomorrow is “INDEPENDENCE DAY”!!

    Did you get the pictures we sent you today of Rod’s “Cable Street” Painting.

    1. Well done to the Irish guys. They deserved to win too. They played their hearts out and were the best team. Superb.
      Unfortunately Rod’s pictures didn’t come through Anna. Only the words appeared – no pictures.
      I won’t forget about tomorrow. I doubt any of us will. Probably the most important day we’ll ever have. We’ll make the country or break it. It may have been boring but it will be momentous. I just hope we get it right.

      1. So do I opher, it has caused so much trouble. Whatever the outcome, no side should boast, we should just accept it and get on with it.

        Great match, loved it – voice back this morning, they did so well. Loved watching all the football. Will take more of the pics, it is not the Battle of Cable Street that has been pained it’s Cable Street, you will spot a Black Shirt in a doorway. Ugly painting, but I wanted it so as it fascinated me as to why Rod had it. Tell me what you think of it when it finally reaches you, I would like to have your views. Played any more of his LPs?

  2. Yes we will. I have not voted yet have you – can you Vote in your Village or do you have to travel to do so. I just have to go to the Church Hall. Wanted to go when they opened, stayed up but fell asleep gone 5am. Going to Vote tonight with my youngest Son.

      1. Firstly, why have you got a bad feeling about it all. Started sorting out my two Wardrobes, why do I start these jobs my bedroom floor/bed everywhere a complete mess. Finally soft, romantic me – took a deliver of books of Rod’s the other day only just opened the box, oh boy the books all so moving – signed/numbered/letters inside – just this unexplainable feeling from them, just started crying. Wait till I get to San Francisco.

      2. I’ve got a bad feeling because of what could happen. My younger son is an architect in London. All the work has dried up. They have just had their second round of redundancies. All the businesses are waiting until tomorrow. If it’s in they invest and build. If it’s out they are heading for Germany. He says it’s across the board with all the companies they deal with. If it’s out he’s certain he’ll lose his job and that’ll mean his flat. It worries me sick. My two lads are in the NHS and Teaching. They are both reeling with the crap Gove and Cameron have thrown at them. The thought of an even more right-wing bunch would be the end. Anna, the effects of this on me and my family are huge. My daughter is working in Holland. She will be affected too. The ramifications for them all are enormous. It makes me feel ill.

  3. Opher whichever way it went there were bound to be problems. It’s torn the Country apart and it is not going to get any better. We all have to calm down, but I doubt that will happen. The British public have spoken you may not agree I may not agree but the decision has been made. There is nothing that worrying will help. My own Son has been unemployed for some time, you have no idea, I worry over my Sons they are my family. We all worry but but where will it get us. The arguments must stop in this Country. We are a Democracy, well supposed to be. People have gone out voted and you may not agree the decision but it is there. 41 years ago I did not want to be part of the EU but had no choice. For God’s sake people are just being bloody ridiculous. I am not going to lose you as a Friend over this or Andrew’s friendship. We just have to continue and make it all work. Sorry I’m tired have not been to bed 5.59 and will stay up now.

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