Levelling up!!

What does that mean?? Another Johnson meaningless slogan – like oven-ready, get Brexit done, global Britain, world-beating – all meaningless words dreamed up to form images in simple peoples’ heads.

They won over loads of working-class northerners with their empty promises of glorious futures with Brexit – ALL LIES!!. They now want to continue to beguile the gullible with this absurd notion of LEVELLING UP!!

What does that mean? Are they planning to finance the impoverished north (starved of funds) and bring it up to the level of the south? No way.

Are they planning to level up the poor with the wealthy? No way.

They have no real intention of actually levelling up – far from it. The wealthy have never had it so good. The south is doing great.

What they care about are votes. Votes mean power. Power means wealth.

If they can buy silly people off with words that’s great!

If they can distract from the mess they have been making, the Russian connection, Partygate, Tax loopholes, Brexit mess-ups, second salaries, illegal lobbying, sex scandals, pornography in the commons, cash for peerages, backhanders and illegal donations, wallpaper and holidays, sleaze, corruption, incessant lies……………..