Tory Peeress Mone – the lies, the VIP lane, the ridiculous profits, the scandalous tax avoidance, the deceit and the corruption.

The more one learns about the corrupt way the Johnson Tory government handed out our money willy-nilly to any Tory donor who came knocking the more criminal it becomes.

Hundreds of millions handed out without scrutiny to firms that didn’t exist. Greedy Tory donors setting up firms to make cheap, useless PPE and pocketing huge sums in the process.

Lady Mone £29 million of undeclared profits. Her husband £64 million profits!

This is scandalous!

These people were cynically profiting to the tune of tens of millions from other peopless’ deaths and sickness.

While our nurses and doctors were working themselves into the ground for a pittance these greedy profiteers were raking in eye-watering sums for doing fuck all!!

Not only that but they then deposited their ill-gotten gains into off-shore tax-avoidance schemes so that nobody in Britain could gain from their nasty practices.

One has to ask: Where was the process by which these bids were put to tender so that we, the tax payers, receive value for money? How did people like Mone and her husband and Hancock’s pub landlord get their hands on these ridiculously lucrative deals?

How many hundreds of millions of our money did the government hand out to their chums with no accountability and no scrutiny, no tendering and no common sense!

It’s either gross corruption on a massive scale or gross incompetence – probably both!

Where is the accountability!

Why can’t Mone and the other profiteers be taken to court and at least be properly taxed for their tens of millions of profit?

Why can’t they be locked up for deceiving parliament and lying?

How can the government get away with this criminal VIP Lane scandal?

How come we can’t afford to give nurses a £3000 pay rise to afford them a living wage but we can afford to give Mone a £29,000,000 tax-free hand out? And her greedy husband a £64,000,000 tax-free handout??

Perhaps if this despicable government had not wasted billions of our money we’d have the money to properly fund schools and the NHS.

Perhaps we’d have a better, fairer country?

Isn’t it time we kicked these greedy, selfish Tories out! They’ve destroyed the public services and wrecked the country. They should be locked up instead of gallivanting around stuffing millions into their bank like Johnson is busy doing!! Greedy bastards!!

These are long articles but an easy read. Having seen her denials, they became even more fascinating!

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Thank you John Peachey!!