Rees-Mogg the Cynical Tory Profiteer

Tory Minister who has been pushing Brexit gains millions out of it.

He then makes millions out of covid-19.

Should this be allowed??

Surely this is a gross misuse of power. Should this man profit out of other peoples’ misery? Should he abuse his position in this way?

So nurses risk their lives for £22,000 a year and only deserve a 1% pay rise while Tory profiteers and cronies scam everyone for billions? Is there no morality? No justice?

Of course he’s one of many. Cameron and Osborne have both made millions. Corruption and profiteering is the heart of Toryism. No doubt Johnson will swan off into a multimillion future after his ineptitude catches up with him.

I see this as corrupt. Is this just me? Does everyone else find this acceptable?

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