Neanderthal – A Sci-fi classic, The blurb.

What happened to the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago?

They had larger brains and were more intelligent. Why did they disappear?

When the President of Brazil begins a project to build a highway through the middle of the Amazon he knew that he was going to provoke a response – little did he envisage what earth-shattering results it would end up becoming.

This story delves into the very psyche of humanity and how people might respond when confronted with an alien invasion from a superior race.

A Science Fiction story like no other.

Neanderthal – A Sci-fi classic, updated and re-released.

My controversial Sci-fi novel Neanderthal has been rewritten and updated. It is now available in Paperback and Digital formats. It will shortly be available in Hardback.

If anybody would like to receive a signed copy of any of my books please contact me. I will provide you with details.

Thank you – Opher