Poetry – We are family

We are family

We are family

Gorilla, chimpanzee and me.

We share the DNA

That is in our family tree.

Back through ages

To the primordial sea –

Connected to the

Mother cell through our biology.

All one together

On a green gem in harmony.

Connecting all of us

For all eternity.

Opher 27.4.2016

We are family

Life began once on this planet. From that one improbable instance, all life flowed.

It covered the world in green.

Through the magic of chance it created complexity.

Through the wonder of luck it created consciousness so that we can now see.

The chances were astronomical. But the universe and time are astronomical.

Who knows if we are unique or there are billions of planets across the universe teeming with conscious beings? Both are equally terrifying.

All this richness of life, that we are busy destroying, this complex profusion, is balanced in harmony with the planet.

Those most conscious, the whales, dolphins, gorillas and chimpanzee must wonder like us.

The chimps are our closest relatives. Less than 1% of their DNA separates them from us. Yet they are slaughtered for bushmeat.

One day we may awaken to the fact that we are part of this magical connection, this majestic web of life – and that our close cousins are deserving of our protection.

I wrote this poem to celebrate our relationship.