Covid Enquiry

Covid Enquiry

It’s official:

                He’s a clown!

                                A Buffoon!

                                                A useless windbag,

                                                                All bluster and guff,

                                                                                A dithering dork

Who connived and conned his way to the top

And created a toxic, macho culture of arrogant public schoolboys

That kills!

A haughty bunch of overgrown Bullingdon Boys who think swearing is cool;

A misogynistic culture that took over number ten

And killed!

A narcissistic bombast with a haystack on his head

Ruffling his hair to appeal to the gullible

Who killed!

The old should accept their lot and quietly die.

We should sacrifice our grandparents and parents

For the good of the country

For the Tory Party.

Incompetence ruled!

Callous elitism ruled!

Boris Johnson pretended to rule!

The schoolboys were in charge, out of their depth and high on adrenalin

Not a brain cell in sight!!

Opher  1.11.2023

I am finding it fascinating to listen to the covid enquiry. Reading back through my diary it confirms everything I was saying at the time – They Were A Useless Bunch Of Arrogant Public Schoolboys Completely Out Of Their Depth!!

The culture at number ten was a macho, misogynistic, swearing anarchy.

The Tory Party had elected Boris Johnson and become the Brexit Party – an extreme right-wing bunch of nationalists who had used the media to groom and con the working class who they had been stuffing for centuries.

They had chucked out anybody with any sense and were now a bunch of silly imbeciles ecstatic that they’d conned the people into voting for them and ‘Getting Brexit Done’, so full of adrenalin that they were oblivious to everything.

While they were popping champagne they neglected to think. They didn’t have a clue on how to govern. They had a verbose clown in charge.

The world was being consumed with a pandemic but the terrible scenes of overwhelmed hospitals and death went over their arrogant heads. Exercise Cygnus – the exercise that showed what to do in a pandemic – was ignored. They were totally unprepared.

Johnson decided to let it rip and throw all the redundant oldies under the bus. What’s the point of the elderly? They don’t contribute. They are a burden!

Then they panicked, clearing wards and chucking infected elderly patients into Care Homes unleashing a wave of death, dithering, delaying, making stupid decisions. Eat Out To Die!!

As the country was tied down with rules and suffering greatly the government believed the rules only applied to the plebs. They partied.

Then they saw ways to make money. Their greedy eyes lit up – VIP lanes, PPE contracts, T&T, money for old rope!! Tens of billions doshed out to themselves and chums. Lady Mone, Dildo Harding, Hancock’s landlord – anybody who was a Tory donor, anybody except the firms who were really capable (we still have tens of millions of tons of useless PPE in containers costing us millions to store!)

They got away with murder!!

Then they go off into the sunset with pockets bulging with multimillion pound contracts, grotesque salaries and lucrative advisory roles!!