Today’s Music to Blow My Mind – The Incredible String Band

I always loved the Incredibles. They were so bouncy and full of life, a bit ramshackle at times, exciting, innovative, experimental and infectious! Live performances were a delight. I rember those beaming faces. Loved all their incarnations and enjoyed talking to them and the mysticism of their poetic lyrics, binding mythology to Buddhism and tales of life.

Such a positive force.

Ḭn̰c̰r̰ḛd̰ḭb̰l̰ḛ ̰S̰t̰r̰ḭn̰g̰ Band–T̤h̤e̤ ̤H̤a̤n̤g̤m̤a̤n̤ ̤’̤s̤ ̤Beatiful…- Full Album 1968 – YouTube