Beverley Minster – Green Men, Musicians & pagan medieval masonry, treadmills and wonder.

Beverley Minster is a beautiful medieval church. The early church collapsed and this one was started in 1220 and took two hundred years to build. So far so good.

IMG_2057 IMG_2064

They were gay old times back then. Old time religion was fun. The stone masons had a sense of humour. All around the place you can find evidence of the pagan religion still showing through. The Green Men peer down at you through the foliage. IMG_2072 IMG_2074 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077

There were also a lot of musical instruments. Church was a bit of a knees-up and kicking your heels. They even had sheep and cattle in the place!IMG_2080 IMG_2081

The stain glass is impressive.


We went up into the roof space where they have the original treadmill that they used to raise the stones in its building – and it still works!

IMG_2105 IMG_2120

You can look down through the hole that the stones were brought up through. IMG_2121 IMG_2132

This is looking down through the hole at the organ below – very optical illusionary.