I Create therefore I am

I Create therefore I am


All we have is energy,

                Bouncing energy,

                                Vibrating energy,

                                                Chemical energy;


                By a web

                                Of neurones

Creating pictures

                Creating tastes

                                Touching reality

With partial awareness.


We live in a world of electricity

                We believe to be real.


Opher – 5.7.2023


Light bouncing off surfaces, sound vibrations, heat vibrations, chemical stimuli. Solid force-fields repelling solid force-fields. That’s all.

Our brain takes it in and conjures up a picture of the universe that we think is how it really is.

It isn’t.

Our understanding of the universe is merely waves of polarisation across neuronal membranes in a complex neuronal web.

What we ‘see’ is not how it really is. What we think we understand – we don’t!