More But Not Enough – Poem about the wonder of life.

More But Not Enough

More But Not Enough

More galaxies than grains of sand on every beach.

More stars than can be counted or imagined.

More time than has ever been.

More space than can be crossed.

More dreams than can fill a head.

More awe than we could ever wonder at.

More than enough mystery to last forever.

Yet not enough life to even risk a guess.

Opher 9.6.2017

I wrote this after watching a programme about the beginnings and beliefs of the Islamic Death Cult of ISIS and their literal acceptance of selected texts from the Koran. They interviewed one of their Jordanian architects. He recited texts and called them the word of Allah.

He disgusted me.

He sanctified slavery, butchery and torture using words from the Dark Ages. He claimed, unflinchingly, that they were gods instructions and superior to any laws of man, that humanity and compassion counted for nothing.

I wondered how any mind can accept these words without doubt as to their origin. I wondered at what brainwashing had taken place to create such blind acceptance.

The Koran, Bible and all other religious texts are artefacts from an ignorant, uneducated age. Those books were written and compiled by people, not god. They come from cultures who were misogynistic, nomadic and tribal and it shows.

The world is full of mystery. It is an adventure of great wonder. To use moribund texts from the Dark Ages to justify misery and horror is obscene. Life is short. It should be a journey of love, music, happiness, friendship, dance, art, nature and writing, not of hatred, division and violence.

These people, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu and whatever, who put their faith in relics from the past are missing the mystery of life. Theirs is a waste of a life; a journey of death. True meaning lies in discovery and wonder.