The Cost of Boris Johnson – To the nearest £10 Billion – A £100 Billion?? A lot more than £100 billion??

I was wondering how much Boris Johnson has actually cost the country? The cost must be in excess of £100 billion if not more.

We’ve had the Brexit fiasco – the billions in lost exports, the billions in damage to the financial services, the billions in lost jobs and firms going bust, the billions in lost exports, the fishing industry, the cost of the extra red-tape and border checks (thousands of extra customs people), the extra bureaucrats and lawyers, carparks, facilities, welfare. It’s been hidden up with Covid. I wonder if we’ll ever know how much? Year after year for ever.

The result is price rises, cuts, austerity and redundancies. Was it worth it?

Then we have the ineptitude of the Covid response – £37 Billion on a useless Track and Trace, billions on a useless app, Billions to cronies for useless PPE, 127,800 deaths. The cost of lockdown.

It didn’t have to be like that. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and others have not suffered the same. They shut borders and locked down in time. They are operating normally.

How much has the imbecile cost us?