Green – A Sci-Fi novel – The character Elspin Murkedly.

Green – The character Elspin Murkedly.

This character was formed out of the central philosophical idea of the book. What is reality? I was obsessed with both reality and infinity. It led me to reading up a lot of psychology and astrophysics.

I wondered if the universe inside one’s head is infinite, as infinite as the world outside.

I wondered if that world of imagination was real.

I wondered what reality would be like if there was no connection to the outside reality.

I created Elspin Murkedly. I placed her in the future. She was conceived on a fabulous planet but a fault with the hyperdrive on the return journey created a major catastrophe in the developing embryo that would become Elspin. While her central nervous system developed her peripheral nervous failed. She was incredibly intelligent but that well-developed brain was not connected to any sensory apparatus. She had no knowledge of the outside world, what we call reality. Her reality was in her head.

Elspin was kept alive on a life support machine. To the outside world, she was lifeless but inside she had a vibrant life in a colourful internal universe. The trick was to make her a real person even though she could not interact with people or the world outside, she still had to have a personality. Elspin moved in a world of vibrant colours – and she was green.

I enjoyed writing about that world. I used a poetic style. I also enjoyed giving her a personality. Elspin is playful, inquisitive and contented. Elspin was the entire reason for this story. I built everything else around her. She came to life. One of the plots involved the care and love of her mother. Could she be contacted? What would happen?

Interestingly, the subplots also came to life. Outside, in reality, there was a world of strife and catastrophe.

Who would prevail?

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