Brexit costing us a staggering £100 Billion a year!

Economists try to do so by measuring Britain’s performance against comparable countries, or modelling a “doppelgänger” UK that hasn’t left the EU. Last month, Bloomberg Economics concluded that Brexit is costing the UK economy £100bn a year, leaving it 4% smaller than it would have been. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) similarly thinks it will end up 4% smaller than it would have been. In the real world, the UK has underperformed compared with every other G7 nation; it is the only economy yet to return to the size it was in late 2019.

So much for Boris Johnson’s promise on his bus!! The NHS is totally broken after 12 years of Tory cuts!!


The economy is wrecked. The Public Services are all broken after 12 years of CUTS. Everyone is on their knees after 12 years of AUSTERITY!

They have broken the country. Only the wealthy are doing very nicely thank you. Their wealth has increased substantially!

The RICH get RICHER while the rest of us PAY THE PRICE!!!