Mindless Plasticity

Mindless Plasticity

In this mindless universe

                We are busy creating

                                Where people are reduced

To the job of consuming

Thinking is not allowed.

We work to have

                And exist to buy

                                To fill our lives with plastic;

For to own is heaven.

We make ourselves proud.

Our bodies reflect

                The mentality

                                That we possess:

Plastic tits and plastic lips

Androids in a crowd.

Opher – 6.9.2022

The superficiality of our culture is clearly seen in how we dress and look.

The women paint their faces with great black gashes of eyebrows, botoxed lips smarmed with red, immobile faces, mascara, blusher and an inch of foundation to cover every blemish. The result is a plastic mannequin. They all look the same – PLASTIC.

Plastic faces, plastic tits, plastic minds.

The guys have to look ripped. Six packs, biceps and the cocky arrogance to go with it.

Tats are mandatory.

Shallowness is a requirement.

Superficiality the order of the day.

Freedom is hard fought for.