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Opher Pete
Psychedelic picture

Me and Pete


307 thoughts on “Home Page

    1. I suppose you think that little comment will get me angry and I’ll call you a bunch of well-deserved names that would get me kicked off here. Nope, whether here or on WB you’ve shown yourself as both coward and hypocrite. A lot of neofascist Trumpist talking points and pure BS from you is all that can be expected. I’m sure this won’t make it, either. You ARE what’s wrong with America, and are no patriot. Alone you are not even sound and fury, just nothing…

      1. Who licked the red off your candy, Jeff?

        It’s always a pleasure listening to others, even those I disagree with, perhaps especially those I disagree with. Even better when we can be polite to each other despite our differences. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, Jeff.

  1. I have to remember this website is for opher to promote and sell his books. Which is obviously okay and as it should be. Leroy whines, but most of what I leave never make it either, those comments having nothing to do with politics, so I’ll refrain. I’ve go too much to do to even care, like having to shovel snow off 220 feet of sidewalk in front of my house before darkness descends tonight. I wish opher and Bill H the best, and may pop in to read the latest. If opher cares, topical posting instructions might be helpful.

      1. I don’t “need” to bash Trumpists, they make good fools of themselves without my help. Consider Leroy. But am sorry not more in touch with you, Bill H. I’ve filed that site away, just in case. LOL I really do have a lot to do, and will post relevant updates here when I get them “on air.” Remember, music people, it’s Charlie Parker’s centenniary in 2020. Charlie Parker is important. Silly Trumpist running dogs are not. 🙂

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