And in the end……

And in the end……

And in the end,

                When the glorious

                                Giant red sun


                                                                To encompass

                                                                                All grief

                                                                                                And joy,

To achieve the full extent of loss;

When every pyramid and sphinx

                Every weapon

                                Every last book

                                                And musical instrument

Has been vaporised into its atoms;

Every thought

                And echo


                                                In the wind

Incinerated in incandescent fury.

When nothing of any of us is left,

                No fossil,

                                No record

                                                No last message.

All the passion,

                All the pain,

                                All the ego-driven


                                                                For power

                                                                                For glory

                                                                                                And immortality;

All the artistic


                                And notes



                                                                                A word

                                                                                                A stroke

                                                                                                                Or a crotchet,

The last game played

                Last champion crowned;

                                All the skill

                                                All the talent,

                                                                All the practice

                                                                                And every

                                                                                                Last goal,

Counts for nothing.

As if none of it has ever happened.

What does it mean?

What worth a man?

Opher – 15.11.2023

Life. It’s life and life only.

Humanity, in all its vanity, harbours thoughts of immortality. Striving to be remembered forever. Imagining that any of what we do has any worth.

And in a billion or two years’ time, when the sun expands to encompass the earth and every last fossil has been vaporised, there will be nothing left to show we ever existed.

All we have is this moment.

We surely have to make it the best moment possible.

Such a short journey. No time for waste.

Immortality exists only in our minds, for the gods we create. Even infinity ends.

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