Who Should Be Sacked??

Who is openly courting the far-right in a leadership bid as the Tory Party moves into greater and greater degrees of rabid Toryism. What happened to decency? One nation Conservatism? To British sense of fair play?

We now have a wealthy bunch of second generation immigrants trying to be more rabid than the white males they are trying to depose!!

The Public Schools churn out these elitist clowns who despise working people and believe all people down on their luck should be done away with.

The arrogance. Where are the Priti Patels, Kemi Badenochs, Kwasi Kwartengs and Suella Bravermans coming from? What elitist education system spawned them?

More worrying is why these obnoxious far-right elitists are gaining so much traction. Who is supporting these extremists?

The Tory Party is copying the Republicans is heading straight for fascism!

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