Mighty Vengeance

Mighty Vengeance

A Mighty vengeance

Blinded by rage.

Rubble and wasteland

On every page.

Massive destruction;

Nowhere to run

Death and agony

From every gun.

Result of religion

Fanatics of fury.

No sign of justice

From judge or jury.

Land has been robbed

People abused

Amid racism and arrogance#All fairness refused.

Madness and terrorism

Callous insanity

Decapitated babies

Endless calamity

Two wrongs

And no right

Misery – never-ending blight.

Opher – 10.11.2023

Breeding the hate with no end in sight. Two wrongs can never make a right.

Hamas the callous and Israel the vengeful = mass slaughter.

An eye for and eye is written in some ancient tribal book.

If I had my way I’d pile up all the holy books in the world and set fire to them – that’s the only way you’ll ever get any light and warmth out of them.

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