Religious Extremism, Racism and Politics conspire to kill!!

On one side we have an extreme right-wing government run by religious extremists. They think they have a god-given right to steal the land because their holy books, written thousands of years ago tell them it’s theirs.

On the other side we have an extreme theocracy of displaced people, driven out of the land they lived in for hundreds/thousands of years, who want their land back, who want to destroy the other religion.

Both sides feel they have god on their side.

God must really hate them to keep putting them all through this misery eh?

Neither side will back down.

Both sides think that the answer lies in death and destruction.

What Hamas did and stands for is totally inexcusable!! To kill, torture, terrify, kidnap and rape; to decapitate babies, slaughter innocent families and festival goers is an act of heinous terrorism.

The people who carried out the planning and the atrocities need hunting down and bringing to justice. No doubt. They are evil.

Anyone who supports terrorism like this is mentally disturbed!!

In a blind rage fuelled by religious fervour, racism and outrage, and under the guise of bringing the terrorists to justice (ie. – killing them) the other side think that it is alright to kill thousands of innocent people, families, children, men, women and babies with indiscriminate bombing.

They justify this by claiming that the terrorists responsible are backed by the people and are using them as a shield. So they blow them all to pieces, starve them and deprive them of water.

They both thinks that god sanctions these disgusting acts and that what they do is justified.

Behind the scenes, both sides are supported by major players – The USA, Iran, the UK and Russia are fuelling the situation.

Where is this leading?

This situation has been allowed to fester since 1948.

The obvious solution is to produce two nation states. For the Arabs to accept that Israel exists and for Israel to accept that the Palestinians deserve a decent homeland and reparations for what has been stolen from them.

The major powers like Iran, Russia and the USA need to get the hell out and stop stirring up trouble for their own geopolitical ends.

This whole mess could kick off in one huge conflagration that would be worse for us all. Religion and politics are so crap.

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