Everything Good

Everything Good

Everything good

            Comes with risk.

A new dawn

            That needs to be kissed.

Good things

            Possess albedo;

Blind you

            With their precious glow.

Love is

            Shifting sand;

Truth that passes

            Hand to hand.

To hate the smell of lilies,

            Tempt the touch of hate,

Lose the only game,

            That is the usual fate.

Opher – 25.10.2023

Hatred, war and death are the only game in town for many.

Love is a losing game.

Life is risk.

Sometimes we have to operate outside our comfort zones; comfort zones are slow death.

There is no security in comfort.

2 thoughts on “Everything Good

  1. There is so much war and death going on these days, I truly hope we have world peace some day. The only people suffering are the innocent when it comes to war.

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