War Crimes!! War Crimes!! More War Crimes!!

It started with a heinous act of terrorism.

The animals that were Hamas stormed settlements and a music festival. They raped, tortured, terrorised, slaughtered and mutilated. They tore a baby out of his mother’s body and deecapitated it. They are subhuman scum.

Then the madness spread.

Revenge blinded sanity.

For weeks the Israelies now are taking revenge on the entire Palestinian people. They are bombing the most densely populated place on earth. They are murdering innocent women and children. They cut off water, food and medicine. They are committing war crimes as big as Putin’s or Assad’s.

War is insanity, the destroyer of morals, the destroyer of feelings.

War breeds hate like maggots. War breeds maggots.

War is an endless cycle of hate, callousness and revenge.

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