Red Guitars, Rich Duffy-Howard, Great Photography and a brilliant Pint!!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the St John’s Hotel in Hull for an exhibition of Rich Duffy-Howards great photography!!

The Red Guitars were back following a fabulously successful tour. In celebration of the new remix release of their great single ‘Good Technology’ they put on an exhibition at St John’s Hotel. These were all Rich’s fabulous photos that were taken for the Red Guitars publicity and used on the tour posters!! Brilliant stuff and well worth a look!

As is the great beer!! Dock’s Beers of Grimsby have produced a beer specially to commerorate the Red Guitars and their single. It’s called Good Technology and it’s a very tasty pint. Well woth the trip!!

So – get yourself along to St John’s, grab a pint or two of great ale and peruse the great photography!! It’s on untill 11th November!! I’m heading back for another pint ot two!!

Cheers Buddies! – Red Guitars (

These were my efforts:

11 thoughts on “Red Guitars, Rich Duffy-Howard, Great Photography and a brilliant Pint!!

    1. Hi Georgina good to hear from you. I hope you and Trevor are well. Yes it was a trip worth doing and we are both good. Liz has recovered well from her hip op. We are currently in the process of moving (very stressful) and I have numerous writing projects all coming to fuition. How’s your book?

      1. I am in Uk and T in Spain. Both well… enough! Having done the major move of family home in London can say it is extremely stressful time. My apple tree post had to about some nostalgia and loss, for me finally selling the nest I had created. But it was needed and all good so far. Glad some of your writing projects are doing well. My book is almost ready for printing. But think I may have argued too much about wording on the blurb! Keep well and posting. I am just about recovering from the aftermath of the move!

      2. Moves are never good. I’m dreading this one. Downsizing and getting rid of cherished stuff, lots of uncertainty. We’ll see. Glad you’re all OK. Look forward to this book!

      3. Oh dear, yes, cherished stuff is a good way of looking at the too much ‘stuff’! My house in Marple has become a bit of a Tardis. I have got memory stuff etc from my parents, and then my own and my kids stuff. But have managed some key boxes. Its the books that I cannot dwindle down! However hope your new place will accommodate enough of what you want. It is quite a challenge especially for writers as there is so much material!

      4. Too true. Books and albums. Who can get rid of books and albums? So much invested in things. I guess I’m very sentimental.

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