Phil Ochs – Remember Me – an extract from the new book.

I have just finished my book on Phil Och’s music and life. Such a brilliant songwriter and more pertinent than ever.

The racists and fascists of populists like Trump are marching, lying and seeking power. These are the people that Phil sang about. Remember him and please don’t let him down.

Phil Ochs – Remember Me – YouTube

Remember Me (Phil Ochs)

The warning is loud and clear and even more compelling today than it was fifty plus years ago. Those fascists are certainly marching, the racists are out in our streets and seeking power.

   Phil takes the voice of a dead war veteran, killed on the battlefield. He asked that we remember him, that we fight the fascists, racists and warmongers so that he did not die in vain. The tune is pleasant on the ear and the message stark. ‘When the Fascists started marching many millions had to pay; We saw them rise to power but we looked the other way. It happened once before and it can happen once again–
Will you show me that I didn’t die in vain. Remember me, when the crosses are a burnin’, Remember me, when the racists come around. Remember me, when the tides of peace are turnin’, Remember me and please don’t let me down.’

   I can just picture Phil singing this right now. So simple yet so effective!

The book will be off to the publisher in a short while but it won’t be out until next year. But I thought you might like a little sneak preview.

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