Photography – The Nuclear Bunker at RAF Holmpton, Withernsea

Did Trump share the full details?

Where are the bunkers now? Preparing for nuclear war.

If you want a chilling day out then go and visit  the Bunker at RAF Holmpton, Withernsea.

This Top Secret installation was built following the 2nd World War as, first a Secret Radar centre, and then a Top Secret Communications Centre.

The object was to run the country following a Nuclear War.

While the rest of us either fried or slowly rotted from radiation sickness a bunch of government officials and military would remain underground safely buried under tons of soil, with ten foot thick cement walls to protect them.

From these shelters they would assess the damage and then try to control the mad population and run the country.

I’ve lived most of my life knowing that a number of nuclear warheads are targeted at me.

It only takes a madman like Trump or Johnson to escalate a problem into a crisis and we are in the midst of a holocaust. Ho hum. It’s nearly happened a few times!

This experience really brings it home!

This was the technology to run a World War from!

This was the expected result! (Bear in mind – the boms are tens of times bigger now!)

This is a map showing the likely scenario of bombing!

They not only had food and water but entertainment – a dart board, snooker table, juke box and pub.

It hasn’t gone away!

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