What is a 15 Minute City???

A 15 minute city is where a clever city planner organises a town or city so that all the ammenities that you need are no more than a fifteen minute walk away. That means you do not need to use your car.

There is nothing sinister about it. You are not banned from using your car or limited in what you can do. It’s not woke. There is no CCTV surveillance or restrictions. It’s just good common sense planning to make life easier and better. Having ammenities close at hand is a good thing. How could it be bad?

All that Orwellian nightmare of people being controlled and restricted was made up, a lie.

All that was Tory lies to drum up some stupid opposition to something that didn’t exist. More conspiracy theory. Honestly the war against woke is not only stupid it’s fantasy. These lies, like the meat tax, are Trumpian.

5 thoughts on “What is a 15 Minute City???

    1. Absolutely stupid. A good understanding of what woke is about and the wrongs of the past should not be a reason for a peurile culture war.

      1. Absolutely, you would think they would at least take the time to understand what “woke” is before going nuts about it.

  1. I’ve been involved with this issue long enough to know that Oxford and Oxfordshire councillors, a year ago, were publicly conflating “15-minute cities” and traffic barriers. They subsequently divorced them. That was dishonest.

    But I’m with you on misuse of “woke.” Its African-American meaning is “having woken up.” I’d propose that my right-wing friends use another word. I’ve suggested “wacky.”

    As to meat tax, see here: https://www.smithschool.ox.ac.uk/news/meat-tax-probably-inevitable-heres-how-it-could-work. As a carnivore, I dissent!

    1. I’m all for pedestrianisation of city centres – with suitable public transport. London and Manchester are nightmares to drive around. I don’t know about Oxford.
      I’m woke – in that it means being aware of what is going on and has gone on.
      I like eating meat but for health reasons I have cut back a lot. Liz is vegetarian. Eating meat does cause a great deal of problems and pain. Slaughterhouses are gruesome. We’d be better off with little of it. But I don’t thibnk anybody is seriously proposing a ban.

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