Tory Party Chaos – Who’d Believe it! Welcome to the British Tea Party!!

They are hoping that people forget all the corruption, how they robbed billions to give to their chums with VIP lanes scams, inflated salaries for Dildo Harding and contracts for Lady Mone, T&T £35 billion, PPE that was useless, dumping infected people in homes. All the incompetence and uselessness. Greed and selfishness.

Now they are dumping the North – who needs to connect those lazy northerners up? HS2 is now a very expensive pointless jaunt to Birmingham! About as far north as they think they need to go. Levelling up is just a campaign slogan. The north can go fuck itself! Who needs it??

Who cares aboyut the future? Dump green issues. Dump the north. All that matters is votes!!

The succession is looming. The Tories are already right of Attila The Hun but are positioning themselves to be right of Donald Trump. Everything is always someone else’s fault. They are the British Loony Party. Farage is probably on their left wing!

6 thoughts on “Tory Party Chaos – Who’d Believe it! Welcome to the British Tea Party!!

  1. Oh, and Sunak is toast. But I digress.

    Those of us who live south-west of London hate HS2, because we are expected to pay for it, yet it brings us no benefit at all. Even if I wanted to go to Manchester – say – by train, from where I live it’s easier by car or by air. And cheaper too, if it wasn’t for green-agenda taxes.

    And you do a grave disservice to the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, whose headquarters I visited back in 2000, where I was received with great friendliness.

    1. It all boggles me Neil. Other countries do these projects without fuss. I’ve travelled on bullet trains in Japan and Maglev in China. We are useless and pathetic.
      As for the project itself – it was not ambitious enough. Should be a network linking southern ports to at least Glasgow or Edinburgh with interconnecting crosslinks Liverpool to Hull, Norwich and Landsend to London.
      What they did does not make sense. London to Manchester? So what? And the exorbitant cost!!!
      But to pull the project at this stage with all that money spent and lives blighted, all the planning and cascade of effects. That is madness.
      Screaming Lord Sutch would be turning in his grave.

      1. Opher, the UK has done such projects in the past. In particular, the high speed link from St. Pancras to the Channel Tunnel. That was based on existing (French) technology, and was completed within budget. Like so many government projects, HS2 seems to have been set up deliberately to waste as much of taxpayers’ money as possible. You call it madness; but madness is the normal where politicians are involved.

        The big problem with linking southern ports to the north is, how do you get across (or round) London? Of the routes you mention, Liverpool to Hull makes sense (as long as it calls at Manchester and Leeds), but I don’t see any big benefits from any of the others.

      2. Build it and they will come!
        I think a network of infrastructure allows commerce. At the moment so many areas of the country are isolated and unproductive. Everything is centred in one area of the south. We need to open it up and spread the wealth.
        As for these current schemes – looks like the PPE, T&T, and the rest – just an excuse for snouts in the trough. These Tories can turn any disaster or opportunity into a greed frenzy. How many billions have they robbed?? Corruption rules!!

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