Why have so many Americans succumbed to Trumpism?

It is hard to believe that so many people were duped by a billionaire fascist. But I found this article illuminating and plausible. The gross inequality, exploitation and desperation in American society made a fertile ground for a greedy, cynical, cunning narcissist to exploit.

Why have so many Americans succumbed to Trumpism? | Opinion (msn.com)

2 thoughts on “Why have so many Americans succumbed to Trumpism?

  1. Look, Opher, Trump is one of them, not one of us. He’s no different from Biden, or Blair, or Johnson, or almost all of today’s politicians. David Icke is a stupid idiot, but he was closer than he knew when he called them “lizards.” Most politicians today aren’t human beings, because they don’t behave as human beings.

    P.S. I really will try to respond tomorrow to your comment on my latest rant.

    1. I have to disagree here Neil. They are not all the same. The outcome of their policies make dramatic differences to people. Under Blair public services were properly funded, the poor were looked after, city centres funded and the economy was in the black for most of the time. He made two big mistakes. As a Thatcherite he kept the deregulation she and Reagan had introduced and that led to the extreme gambling in the City and the collapse. He should have reintroduced control. The second was being the poodle of the USA and backing an unjust war. Johnson was an incompetent nincompoop and tool of the ERG. Trump is a fascist, narcissistic nutcase. There are distinct differences. As a Headteacher I found a change of regime brought radical change both in funding and curriculum. The Tories are a disaster.
      I’m really busy at the mo or I would have gone back for a second bite. My younger son is moving and I’m helping him load up and settle in his new flat. Bit of a nightmare. Back and forth to Manchester with a luton van! I’ll get back to it in the week if I survive!

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