A Savage Clan

A Savage Clan

The world is run by a savage clan

                Who don’t give a shit for the average man.

They are pandered to, we have the proof.

                No politician ever survived by telling the truth!

Slavery and poverty

The result of their hypocrisy.

They live in worlds of diamonds and cold.

                Billions huddle in starvation and cold.

Who is in the pay of this callous cabal?

                Whose greed impacts on one and all?

With bribes and threats from the great uncouth.

                No politician ever survived by telling the truth!

Opher 1.9.2023

The system exists for the benefit of a few. They run it for themselves, extracting profit and exercising greed. They can never get enough. They really do not care abiout the destruction and misery they cause with their greed.

They set the system up. They maintain it with threats, bribes and promises.

Politicians are bought and sold.

If anybody tries to change the system they deploy the media to undermine them.

The Tories and Republicans were founded by wealthy merchants to look after the interests of the wealthy.

That’s what they do.

Boris Johnson was used and well rewarded. Trump is manipulating the system to look after himself and his mates.

What conmen they all are!!

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      1. Yeah, it’s quite tricky and only small adjustments can be made to the system right now. I guess the best thing to do is to keep spreading the truth and hopefully enough people will wake up and see that change is necessary.

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