It’ll be Concentration Camps next – probably floating ones!

Processing the immigrants isn’t a deterrent!

Providing legal channels isn’t a deterrent!

Even if there is a terrible skill shortage and drastic need for nurses, doctors, dentists, fruit pickers, drivers, carers, plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters and chefs we can’t have highly qualified foreigners helping the economy! Best to keep them locked up for years at our expense to deter others from coming!

What’s wrong with Rwanda? They floating prisons are cheap!

Human Rights is simply WOKE!! Human Rights is for wimps! These people don’t deserve rights! Who cares if lots of them are actually bona fide and highly needed? We don’t want them!

What do you mean – when did my family come and how did they get in? Of course it’s not callous hypocrisy!

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