Fear of Commies yet support for arch Russian Sympathiser!!

You can’t understand the mentality of redneck Americans can you? They are all gung-ho when it comes to rooting out commies or kicking anything that smacks of socialism yet are all in favour of the biggest Russian sympathiser of all.

What action has Trump got in Russia that makes him best mates with Putin??

Is it business interests??

Is it bribes??

Is it those videos the KGB are supposed to have on him cavorting with Russian whores when they caught him in a honey trap??

Who knows? Whatever it is, Trump certainly loves Putin and Russia, wants to screw Ukraine and cosy up to the warmonger!

The sooner this conman, lawbreaking, tax evading, sex pest is locked up the better! He makes crooks like Nixon look pure!

US: No more military aid for Ukraine (msn.com)

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