301 Bedsit Land – out now – Kindle Version

Many moons ago I wrote this novel, called Danny’s Story, about a house on Green Lanes in Manor House in the sixties/early 70s. It was a big old rambly place full of bedsits, teeming with characters.

I knew there was a novel in there screaming to come out. So I wrote one.

The setting was the old house and all I had to do was provide a plot and adapt the characters who lived there. It was so full of colour, events and rich in stories.

I was never happy with what I had written. I did not think it did justice to the place or people so I have rewritten it. I think this is a major improvement. I didn’t like the title either so I changed it. In many ways it is a homage to the people and times. But it is also a novel. I hope you like it. Here is the kiindle version. The paperback and hardback will follow in a few days!! Enjoy!!

301 Bedsit Land eBook : Goodwin, Opher: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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