Current writing project – Danny’s Story

It’s a cold wet day in Yorkshire, more akin to November than July. So, apart from one gloriously hot week, it’s been a pretty miserable Spring and Summer. While Europe and the rest of the country swelter in extreme heat out her on the east coast we’ve been freezing. Things can only get better.

On the plus side it means that I’ve been doing some good writing.

About twelve years ago I wrote this novel based around a London bedsit we lived in during the early 70s. It was home to the most amazing motley crew of people and full of outrageous incident. I knew that it would make a superb backdrop to a novel.

I called it ‘Danny’s Story’.

However, I wasn’t happy with the title and felt that the writing could be improved. So, today, I finally got around to start to addressing that. I’m rewriting the novel.

I plan on renaming the book and putting it out again. I’m enjoying it. It feels like reliving the experience.

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