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This site is a tribute to the outstanding Roy Harper – without a doubt Britain’s greatest singer/songwriter. Nobody else from this green island comes close. His range and skills are immense. No other songwriter has produced such scathing epic songs exposing the evils of the establishment and the society we live in. Epics such as ‘McGoohan’s Blues’, ‘I Hate The Whiteman’, ‘How Does It Feel’, ‘Me and my Woman’, ‘The Game’, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘One Of Those Days in England’ and ‘Work of Heart’. Nobody else has produced such haunting love songs as ‘Another Day’, ‘Hallucinating Light’, ‘Forever’, ‘Francesca’, ‘Davey’ and ‘East Of The Sun’. Then we have those incredible instrumentals – homages to greats like ‘One for Al’ and ‘Miles Remains’ – the comic humour of ‘Nobody’s Got Any Money in the Summer’, ‘Exercising Some Control’ or ‘Manana’ and the barbed environmental songs such as ‘Burn The World’, ‘The Garden of Uranium’ and ‘Methane Zone’. I haven’t even mentioned the atheist laments ‘The Spirit Lives’, ‘Same Old Rock’, ‘Black Cloud of Islam’ or ‘If’. Even with all that, there are a multitude of other gems. I’ve only scratched the surface! Enough to last a lifetime of listening, enjoyment and thought. So many levels. So much to get lost in. For those fortunate enough to have seen Roy perform live a number of times, they would have realised that there is more than the songs; there is also the between songs banter. That too is at a level above. So get those speakers blasting and get writing about what you find great about this great output of 250-plus incredible poetic splurges of musical delight!

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