Opher Goodwin’s (AKA Ron Forsythe) Top Sci-Fi novels

Opher Goodwin’s (AKA Ron Forsythe) Top Sci-Fi novels Here is a list of some of my top Sci-Fi books (all available in paperback or kindle and some in Hardback):

New Eden     Politicians mess it up. Can there be a new beginning?How do you solve the problem of a world that has been ruined with overpopulation? What part do a small group of genetically mutated children have in the future of mankind? How might an eccentric genetics engineer be involved? New Eden tells the story of dystopian disaster and unlikely renewal.New Eden: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798637512867: Books
God’s Bolt   The Earth is destroyed but one person livesHelen Southcote is looking for a purpose to life through her Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence work on the United Nations Space Station when she watches the Earth destroyed by an asteroid. What can she do next?God’s Bolt: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9781092713597: Books
Reawakening         Where is she headed? And what awaits her?This is the sequel to God’s Bolt. Helen Southcote, the sole survivor of a stricken Earth, is alone on the Space Station. This is the tale of her journey through space and time towards Tau Sagittarii, 122 light years away. This is also the story of the aliens who live in the system around Tau Sagittarii and their reaction to the destruction of Earth. After dealing with the rigours of isolation, mental illness and hopelessness there is the hope of awakening. Then there are the questions about the purpose of life, altruism and the nature of consciousness all in the course of an epic adventure.Reawakening: The Sequel to God’s Bolt: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9781094954585: Books
Neanderthal       The Neanderthals still live. They are highly advanced and they aren’t happy!
What happened to the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago? They had larger brains and were more intelligent. Why did they disappear? When the President of Brazil begins a project to build a highway through the middle of the Amazon he knew that he was going to provoke a response – little did he envisage what earth-shattering results it would end up becoming. This story delves into the very psyche of humanity and how people might respond when confronted with an alien invasion from a superior race. A Science Fiction story like no other.
Neanderthal: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798393554262: Books
The Pornography Wars         A futuristic pornographic film setThe Pornography Wars takes political satire and social comment (with a liberal dash of humour) into a new dimension.
Sex is the essence of everything.
Is human history contrived by aliens?
Are we in a film set for an alien pornographic soap opera?
Is all human culture nothing more than an alien psych-master’s program?
What happens when the aliens argue over the future of pornography on their tridee sets?
What is going to happen to the future of human beings?
The Pornography Wars: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798814934413: Books
Unintended Consequences       The sequelThe politics and satire continues as our humans are set free from control and find themselves in a very different world.
While the aliens continue to argue about the future of pornography and the sentience of human beings, life for the unshackled humans is becoming very grim.
In the tridee film-making studio everything is fraught.
The populist Director General, with her advisers, is being devious.
The Minister for Arts is stoned out of her mind.
A campaign to give humans rights is being fought.
Will the humans find themselves controlled and back in the sex movie, or will they be free?
Unintended Consequences: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798356009471: Books
Star       Star is a future sixtiesIt’s the sixties – the three thousand one hundred and sixties. The Federation is in conflict with the Confederation. The Troman war rages. There is a civil rights issue with the Androvians. Youth all across the galaxy are in revolt. Rock Music, on an intergalactic scale, is the medium of the rebellion.Zargos Ecstasy and the Terminal Brain Grope are providing the impetus for the rebellion.Zargos, a larger than life character based on Bob Dylan, Hendrix, Jagger, Jim Morrison and Bowie, struts the stage, putting his poems to music and rousing the spacefreaks to seek social justice. If you lived through the sixties you’ll recognise it all.Star: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798647632906: Books
Green     Green is a different universeA Sci-fi novel set in the distant future. Elspin is born without a nervous system; a brain with no connection to the world. She is locked within her dreams. She should have withered into nothing but against all the odds she prospered. Politicians and Business-people are at each other’s throats. The world is in crisis. The Greens are split into factions. Passions are explosive. They find a way of contacting Elspin. What happens when universes clash? Will the world survive?Green: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798648134003: Books
Conexion     Conexion is the new drug!In the future it is still all about power. General Secretary Rheen holds the reins but does he hold the power? What about the shadowy Consortium who supply the money to get him elected? The separatists who are prepared to use violence? The Unification Movement who would bring the opposition together? Or the people who democratically vote? What of the stranded Starship? And what of the new drug Conexion that opens genetic memories to unlock an unexpected past? The new Gaia religion? Or the three massive spherical objects heading for earth? How will it all come to a conclusion?Conexion: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9781729561782: Books
Quantum Fever     Capitalism gone madThe System is made up of thousands of planets housing trillions of people in tiny doms arranged in tiers. The people are fed drugs to keep them happy and are plugged into immersive tridee. The Consortium are a group of wealthy capitalists who live above the metropolis in floating mansions. The name of the game is expansion and profit. The Quships cross quantum space in search of planets to either colonise or plunder for resources in order to maintain the system. Quantum Fever is a disease that affects people who jump the weird reaches of quantum space. Was Tahsin Roeg suffering from Quantum Fever or were the Consortium seeking to control her? What of the alien planet she discovers? Were the Primitives going to achieve their dream?Quantum Fever: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9781711327372: Books
Schizoid     The consortium are still at it.The sequel to Quantum Fever. Three hundred years have passed. The aliens are ruining the planet Terra and are on the brink of war. Children of the Primitives on planet Hope are rebelling. President Woud of The System is angered. The Consortium is stirring up trouble………Schizoid: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798630523839: Books
The Gordian Fetish     Humour deployed to show the flaws in society. Will humans be saved?How important is consciousness? How rare is it in the universe? It is incredibly rare but not many people here on Earth seem to care about that. But the Gordian’s do – they value it – they seek it out and look to protect it. They have an institute funded by their government that is geared to the conservation of endangered alien sentient beings. Unfortunately a new Gordian leader has come along who believes in austerity. He is threatening to close the institute. Humans are sentient and have a modicum of intelligence. They can hardly be termed endangered though. There are 4000 billion of them. But they are incredibly interesting. They have sex. They also have politics and religion. They pretend to be clever and civilised but they are nowhere near as clever and civilised as they think they are. Most Gordian’s are intrigued by humans. They find sex astounding and humans cute. Being cute and having sex might just be their saving graces.The Gordian Fetish: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9781981947973: Books
Farm 703 – The Human Project     Are we being farmed?Farm 703 where humans are controlled by bacteria. Farm 703 where we are a project created by the Farm Manager. Farm 703 where there is a move to terminate the human project. Farm 703 where Head Office will decide on the fate of humanity. They are allowing me to write this story. They do not think you will believe it.Farm 703 – The Human Project: Amazon.co.uk: Forsythe, Ron: 9798634914367: Books

  Thank you for looking. Why not try one or two? And please leave a review! Cheers Opher   PS – I have three new Sci-Fi novels sitting on my computer. I am busy looking for a suitable publisher or agent. Anybody??

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