They Fiddle (expenses and taxes) while Rome burns!

As the Tory Party decays into its own pool of sleazy slime, languishing in a stench of cronyism and corruption, the country sinks into decay.

So much for sunlit uplands and lower prices!

We are trapped in a cauldron of inflation, cost of living crisis, energy crisis, decaying hospitals and schools, desperate strikes, a ruined NHS, a transport System in disarray and greedy Tory donors , CEOs and foreign investors profiteering as they pick over the carcass.

BROKEN BRITAIN!! Thirteen years of cuts and austerity, of creaming off the top and total incompetence, of Brexit lies and endless propaganda has brought Britain to its knees!

WE’VE GOT ANOTHER BLOODY YEAR OF THIS!! We’ll have drowned in sewage by the time the election comes around!

The stench of decay is overpowering! What a bunch of inept self-serving, greedy Tory bastards!

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