One man’s freedom

                Another man’s prison

Generating hate

                Benefit from division.

Populists promise the earth

                But deliver next to nothing,

Pretend to tell the truth

                But are really only bluffing.

Destroying all they touch,

                Tainting the air they breathe

Challenging the very tenets

                Of everything we believe.

Telling us the earth is flat

                Alien lizards run the world

Making fortunes out of logging

                Til every lst tree is felled.

Opher – 8.6.2023

I am absolutely appalled by the world-wide rise of extreme right-wing fascist populism. It is bad enough that greedy, self-serving liars like Trump, Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi, Meloni and Erdogan exist and are using their position to spread fear, division and hate so that they can personally profit by gaining power and raking in millions. But what is even worse is that they have conned the gullible public into believing their nonsense and voting for them.

That is far worse!

How can anyone be taken in by such shallow soundbites as Make America Great Again, Oven-Ready Deals or Sunlit Uplands? They are lies.

They drum up fears of immigrants, terrorists and Muslims in order to gain votes. They paint the opposition as crooks.

It all deflects from the way they use their position to pull in vast personal wealth. Between them they have made the world a far worse place and played into the hands of dictators and tyrants like Putin, Xi and Un.

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