The Gaining of Power

The Gaining of Power

To gain power

                You must be ruthless,

                                Selfish and greedy,

                                                Arrogant and vicious.

You need to be

                A narcissist,

                                A psychopath,

                                                And egomaniac,

A sociopath at very least.

Those who are



                                                And selfless,

Never make it through the process.

They are weeded out.

We always end up

                With the product

                                Of the system.

That is why

                Things are as they are.

Opher – 3.6.2023

If you set up a system which values strength above all else, which rewards people who see things in black and white and are decisive, you are bound to end up with callous, calculated leaders.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are not hampered by feelings for others.

Politics is lies, spin and intrigue in a cut-throat world. There is no room for people who care. Compassion is seen as a weakness.

To avoid leaders like Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Meloni, Oban, Modi and Putin, we need to develop a better system.

Fascism seems to be a default mechanism in humans, a giant flaw in our nature, built in to our DNA.

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