Questions for the Powerful?

Questions for the Powerful?

How Grand a Palace?

                How massive a throne?

                                How big an Empire?

How mighty an army?

How large an ego?

How many flunkies?

                How much cash?

                                How many assets?

How large a fortune?

How much wealth?


                Is never




                                Us all!


                Is measured

                                In seconds.



                                Ebbs away!

The universe mocks the mighty.

Opher – 3.6.2023

Put lives in his palace with his lovers, surrounded by his wealth, like Smorg sitting on his pile of treasure. His bank account is straining against the walls of the vault. He has the power to order vast armies and unleash missiles of death.

Like Charlemagne and Mao, Henry the VIII and Ghenghis Khan, his body will decay, his power fade and all his ego-driven lust melt into darkness.

History mocks the mighty.

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