The Lady Mone Gravy Train will not be stopping at a station near you any time soon!

Not in my back yard!!! U-turns and backtracking!

There’s no money for the workers but there’s plenty for the Tory donors.

Just think:

The country was in crisis. Covid was ravaging the nation. The impoverished NHS, reduced to the bone by ten years of Tory cuts, was swamped with covid. Nurses were not properly equipped. With inadequate PPE they were going in, risking their lives, many dying, working themselves into the ground caring for severely ill and dying patients.

It was exhausting, dangerous and they were being paid a pittance – not enough to properly live on.

We were outside battering pans and pots and giving these heroes our support. We all had to pull together. It was the poor-paid who were on the front line – the delivery drivers, shopkeepers and nurses, the teachers, doctors and police – all of whom had suffered ten years of austerity, cuts and were now in poverty.

Meanwhile, in the land of Torydom, where they only count incomes to the nearest million, the Tories, having cocked everything up so far (ignoring the Cygnus report, ignoring the pandemic in China, ignoring the pandemic in the continent, locking down too late) were in a panic. They set up a VIP lane to dole out hugely lucrative contracts paying way over the top to any Tory that wanted one instead of going to established traders like M&S.

People like Lady Mone had an eye for an opportunity and nipped in to set up a new company to make inferior PPE at exorbitant prices and pocket £29 million profit (which went off-shore) and her husband is reputed to have made £60 million. She strongly canvassed politicians and denied what she had done. It was not registered in the House.

Think of the morality of this. While nurses risked their lives and worked double shifts in claustrophobic PPE caring for the dying for £24,000 a year, the Tory elite were making a few phone calls, far from the action, did none of the actual work (I wonder what the pay of the workers making the PPE was) and pocketed £29,000,000.

They see nothing wrong with this! Let the plebs do the work. We pocket the profit. If they strike we tell them the country can’t afford it. Low pay means more profit for those who count – the Lady Mone’s of this world.

The government shelled out billions of OUR money to Tory chums (like Hancock’s landlord) for PPE that was often useless because they didn’t know what they were doing. Now we have more cuts and austerity to pay for it and after twelve years of cuts the national debt is through the roof, pay is so low people can’t manage, while we are breeding millionaires like flies.

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