The Big Covid Cover-up.

They do not want to pass on all the information because it will clearly reveal the level of incompetence and criminality that this Tory government is guilty off:

Ignorance and complacency

Lack of preparation (despite numerous warnings)

Panic and lies

Vaccilation between – Let the bodies pile up and complete lockdown

Lack of leadership

VIP lanes and massive payouts to Tory donors

Misuse of public funds

Shutting down too slowly, opening up too quick.

Hancock’s Landlord and Lady Mone

Cygnus report ignored

Ignoring proper firms for PPE and ventilators

Eat out to die out

Stupid draconian laws about being in open spaces

Partying while others were imprisoned

Shoving infected people from NHS beds into care homes

Billions spent on useless Aps

Tracking farce with huge sums paid to Dildo Harding and thousands of others

Their pathetic management killed thousands (they were only saved by the vaccines)

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