Greedy Conman making Millions out of others’ misery!

This greedy conman, who likes the good life on other peoples’ money, has plunged the country into generations of poverty and austerity in order to gain power and wealth!

What a selfish, greedy, lying bastard!

So much for Sunlit Uplands and Oven-Ready deals, he negotiated a disaster that has made us all poorer and our lives more miserable.

Now the Tory ERG are trying to blame it on Covid and Ukraine! The Brexit deal is an unmitigated disaster!

But Johnson got himself elected as Prime Minister! Now, instead of representing his constituents in parliament, he’s off giving talks and making millions! I do mean millions!! This lying conman is costing us £40 Billion a year and shows no remorse! The fat pig has his nose in the trough (Just like the other lying Brexiteers – Rees-Mogg, Theresa May, Migel Farage et al). They are making a fortune by conning us!!

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