Poetry – The Sun was Shining

The Sun was Shining

I woke up this morning.

                The sun was shining.

                                It made the trees dance in their dappled green dresses.

A mellow breeze

                Carried the scent of flowers      

                                Across the unending forest.

I watched the birds

                Flying between the branches,

                                Building nests and impressing each other with their song.

Beneath the canopy

                Creatures nibbled

                                On the verdant undergrowth.

The whole of nature

                Put on a show

                                Of interconnecting magic.

But, as the bulldozers started up

                And the chainsaws began to scream

                                I realised it was merely a wishful dream.

Opher – 6.3.2020

Once the world was carpeted in forest and the forest was alive with life.

Now we have destroyed the vast bulk of our forests and reduced that fabulous array of creatures to a small rump.

Once we talked of darkest Africa and unexplored jungles. Now we can board a plane and be trekking down logging trails into the deepest jungle to hunt the most exotic beasts and kill them.

Once the world was inaccessible and nature undisturbed.

Now eight billion of us kill everything that moves.

Where will it end?

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