The Breadth of Eternity

The Breadth of Eternity

What new senses

                Would we need

                                To ‘see’ it all?

What size mind

                Would we require

                                To understand


What strange wavelengths

                Would reveal

                                The full breadth

                                                Of eternity?

What weirdly distorted view

                Of the universe

                                Do our limited

                                                Senses reveal?

From what partial understanding

                Of life

                                Do our feeble minds

                                                Create the surreal?

Opher – 23.5.2023

Like ants in an ant heap, going about our lives. Sensing the world with our limited five senses, yet believing we see it all, as it is. Trying to understand life, infinity, evolution, the big bang and eternity with such limited cerebral power. Yet believing that we really understand.

Creating cities, machines and instruments, art, music and gods.

Living in a surreal universe that we pretend is rational and mundane.

Like ants in an ant heap, bacteria in a toilet bowl, reflecting on what is.

I’m reminded of the Roy Harper line: ‘Everything’s just everything because everything just is.’

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  1. I bet you would really enjoy a book called “Ways of Being” by James Bridle. It goes into non-human intelligence, plants, animals, even machines. I find it fascinating and I’m only on chapter 4. I enjoyed your perspective in this poem.

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