DremeWorld – New Sci-Fi novel progress

I’m busy writing a new Sci-Fi novel. It’s a sequel to The Scrolls of Pandora 3 (Which was a squel to The Cabal).

The novel is firing me up. It’s all-consuming. I dream about it, find my mind constantly mulling it over while I’m doing other things, and new ideas keep popping into my head.

I’ve been inventing characters and scenes as well as using some of the old ones. President Degasse is being put into different arenas.

I do love writing.

So far I’m on page 61 and I seem to be working at about ten pages a day. A fair old rate. I’m on Chapter 4 out of ten.

The plot is loosely written but evolves as the characters come to life and bgin to take over.

So, my apologies to all those people I’ve been promising. Everything else seems to have gone on hold until I’ve got this done. My tiny mind is fully consumed.

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