The Tories sold Britain for pennies!

Forget immigration. The Tories love foreigners – but only the wealthy ones!

Whether it’s water, council housing, steel, rail, power or the post office, they sold it for a song. All short-term thinking. A short-term profit and big long-term loss.

Thatcher used the money to break the unions (along with the North Sea Oil bonanza). It was all underpriced and mostly ended up in the hands of foreigners.

We now have workers on low pay with lousy conditions resulting in disputes and strikes.

We now have all the billions of profits siphoned off abroad. For instance – more than 70% of the Water Industry is owned by foreigners. Our rivers and beaches are full of sewage, there are leaks everywhere because there is insufficient money spent on infrastructure and repairs and all those millions are going abroad.

It’s the same with all of the industries the Tories sold off. We end up with worse services and pay more for them. We’re suckers!

But they don’t stop. They are trying to sell off the NHS bit by bit and even schools with their academy program. Everything must make money for the wealthy. We all pay. They don’t care where the profits end up. A lot of Tory Ministers and foreigners are laughing their heads off as our bills soar and the millions pile up in the Cayman Islands.

Talk about Broken Britain!

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