14 thoughts on “Vietnam – Halong Bay – The most incredible sights.

    1. A fabulous place – so full of culture, history, art, dance, food and spectacular scenery. Too many people though. The cities teem.

      1. It is pretty much out of control to the point where it is severely impacting on quality of life in the cities and the environment. I witnessed severe congestion, overcrowding, pollution and infrastructure decay, overfishing, environmental degradation and no will to put things right. It’s a disaster that is looming and it’s ruining a brilliant country.

      2. That’s so sad. I hope things improve soon because it’s just not fair for everyone to suffer when they didn’t vote for this.

    1. I wasn’t familiar with that but I looked it up and you are dead right. Do you think that’s where he took it from?

      1. I always thought that Gaudi took his window designs from the rocks at Petra. There’s never anything really new.

  1. Beautiful photographs. I’m taking my son to Vietnam in a few weeks. Can’t wait to experience it with him.

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