They’ve been gorging on Salmon

And Sturgeon

                                But now starve on a skinny stickleback.

Their new leader has

                As much charisma as

                                A wrinkly scrotal sac.

If the Scots want rid

                Of Tory rule

                                Voting Labour is the only attack.

Putting Labour

                Into parliament

                                Is the only way to get the country back.

Opher – 11.5.2023

Scotland has been ruled by Tories for much too long! (A second is too long!) But voting SNP isn’t going to change that. It only serves to put the Tories back in power.

The SNP is much too powerless to have any impact at Westminster. They are just side-lined.

Independence would remain a disaster for everyone and is never going to happen. Brexit has demonstrated the mess it creates. Stronger together.

What is required is the ousting of Tories. Voting Labour is the only way of getting rid of loathsome Tories.

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