Today’s Music to Blow my Mind – Bringing It All Back Home – Bob Dylan

Following a string of three groundbreaking acoustic albums that altered the whole face of Rock Music Bob produced the first of three electric albums that blew everything apart. I can’t begin to explain the daring brilliance that produced this gem of an album; the innovation, the vision, the sheer arrogance and determination. This album blew everything out of the water. He turned his back on assured success through another acoustic gem of poetic numbers to create something totally different. The music, the lyrics, the vibe. He just went for it.

This album is an eternal rock to return to again and again. It never pales for me. Rock was never the same again.

From the opening eruption of those staccatto guitar notes and driving Chuck Berry-based rhythm coupled with Dylan spitting his socially-motivated Beat poetry you know you’re in for a tumultous ride. A different style. A different sound. Authority and vision. A James Dean swagger coupled with Marlon Brandos snarling. This is a new Dylan.

Some albums transcend music. This one was pivotal.Nothing was ever the same again,

Bob was in the basement mixing up the medicine and he definitely wasn’t going to work for Maggie again!

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues (Official HD Video) – YouTube

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