Poetry – We are at war!

We are at war!

We are at war!

At war with the elite

Who would ravage the land!

At war with inequality

Which robs us of our fairness!

At war with fake news

That robs us of the truth!

This is the war of reason

Not guns.

The war of ethics

Not weapons.

The war for the future of the world.

We are at war!

Never has so much been at stake!

We are rebelling

Against extinction!

Opher – 26.11.2019

Perhaps now the deniers who are witnessing the drying up of the Victoria Falls, the shrinking of ice-caps, heatwaves, floods and hurricanes, will start to wake up – no longer in thrall to the greed of Trump – for whom nothing matters except money.

The world is pivoting. It totters.

We should use our intelligence.

The wealthy will sell the planet for profit. They peddle fake news. Their greed and selfishness is endangering species after species and putting us in the firing line.

There is a war. It is a war fought with words and votes. It is a war we need to win.

This is the battle of the ballot box.

Forget Brexit. Think planet.

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  1. That’s going viral. I was thinking this just today as I listened to the Kremlin accusing the US of influencing the attempted assassination of Putin! >

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